How can I watch the GOD TV channel?
GOD TV is available as a free-to-air channel on satellite. You may install a dish antenna and digital box to receive the channel. Alternatively, you may also watch it online through

What is on GOD TV?
There are global conferences, preaching & teaching from the world’s most renowned & anointed speakers and evangelists, worship, youth programs, current affairs, mission stories and much more. It all happens on GOD TV.

Who is on GOD TV?
Benny Hinn, Joyce Meyer, Creflo Dollar, Kenneth Copeland, Matthew Ashimolowo, Andrew Wommack, TD Jakes, Joel Osteen, John Hagee, Brian Houston, Jesse Duplantis, Steve Hill, Ulf Ekman, Rick Joyner, Francis Frangipane, Mike Bickle including 24-hr pray & worship program from IHOP, Lynne Hammond, Rodney Howard-Browne, John & Lisa Bevere, Tommy Tenney, Reinhard Bonnke, Kim Clement, Cindy Jacobs, Ron Luce, Nicky Gumbel, Richard Roberts, Billy Graham, Derek Prince, Kenneth Hagin, and the list can go on. It is a truly extensive list of the very best teachers, preachers and presenters.

Is GOD TV free-to-air?
Yes, there are no ongoing costs or service charges to watch the GOD TV. You just need the equipment to pick up the channel.

Are there other channels or Christian channels I can watch?
Yes. You will have all 12 of the free-to-air Christian channels available by installing our satellite equipment. These include Daystar, TBN, Church Channel, Inspiration Network International, JCTV and Smile of a child. Hope Channel and 3ABN are affiliated to the Christian denomination of the Seventh Day Adventists. There is a charismatic Catholic channel EWTN and an Arabic Orthodox Coptic channel named Aghapy. There are also two English speaking news channels, and multiple international channels including Greek, Turkish, Dutch, Arabic, Asian, etc. However, long-term agreements between these individual channels & the satellite owners are not guaranteed. Instal-Life cannot answer to any changes in programming of channel availability as we do not operate, nor are we responsible for the channel availability or programming.

What are the costs of installation?
Instal-Life, GOD TV’s recommended installer, is offering two ways to install GOD TV for your home. You can either ‘try it’ or ‘buy it’. To own the equipment you only pay $550 (normally $636.90) fully installed in metro areas. If you would like a trial installation, be quick, as rental options may not be around forever.

How do I pay?
Instal-Life accepts money orders/direct deposits/cheques and automated billing. This automation/direct debit helps Instal-Life to manage the financial side of the business. There are no fees or charges to the customer. Instal-Life accepts either credit cards or bank account information to direct debit. Step 1: You complete a simple direct debit request form. Step 2: Payments commence on the nominated date at your selected frequency.

How do I get the GOD TV program schedules?
Instal-Life will pass on your information to GOD TV automatically to send you FREE monthly guides if you request hardcopies.

What happens when I move house?
Simply contact Instal-Life and arrange a time for a technician to come out to remove and reinstall the equipment. Instal-Life will arrange the re-installation fee to be paid via the automated debiting system.

Can I have more than one TV connected?
Yes, you can have as many TV’s connected, as you like.

Can I have it installed if I am renting a house?
Yes, we have installed into many rental properties and when necessary removed and reinstalled the equipment to a new location. Please check with your real-estate agent to see if permission is required. If and when you move, Instal-Life will remove the equipment and restore the property in the same condition prior to installation. There is a service fee for re-installation.

Can I still watch my normal channels?
Yes, whatever you currently have at home will remain (incl. Foxtel). The GOD Channel is additional, and is usually set up on a vacant AV channel.

I have a digital terrestrial set top box at home already; can I use it to get GOD TV?
Unfortunately you cannot. You will need a satellite set top box and dish installed.

What happens if I loose my picture or something breaks?
You have a 12-month full parts and labour warranty. Providing the fault is installation or product related we will repair the fault FREE of charge within the warranty period. Rental customers have this FREE service ongoing and unlimited.

I live in a really remote location; can I have GOD TV there?
Yes, Instal-Life has a national installation network that endeavours to help everyone have access to Christian Satellite TV. Travel Fee: - Metro $0, Regional $77, and Rural $110.

How soon will the equipment be installed?
That will depend on the number of families that order GOD TV at the time you order. The installation-booking assistant will call you at home shortly after the order is placed and arrange a time and date. We anticipate all installations will be completed and installed within 2 weeks after you order.

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