"I just would like to say that I have received the installation of the satellite and it is fantastic.... Really enjoy it and I believe it will really help in my spiritual growth and to get my friends and family around to benefit from this also. There are some fantastic programs on this .....
God Bless. Andrew"

"Hi Instal-Life, We just wanted to let you know that the satellite TV is going great; it has had an immediate impact and is a continual blessing to us. Each day I know that as a direct result of the Christian teaching and programming the atmosphere in our home has changed for the better and I am seeing daily changes and growth taking place in my life. We live in a rural area, it is too far to drive to a strong spirit filled church on a regular basis and rarely do we get to conferences. So to have the best the world has to offer here in our home is a real blessing. There are many programs I enjoy viewing, but I especially enjoy watching the conferences. So thank you for making this happen for us (and for God TV who made is possible!) Malcolm and Judith"

"God TV was installed last July and I find it fulfilling and a blessing for me. As a result, may I now convert my rental arrangement into purchasing the equipment? Again, thank you and God bless you. Francisco"

After being convicted from the bible that "the eye is the light of the body", I realised that watching the conventional TV was constantly feeding my eyes things of darkness the majority of the time. So we tried the Christian satellite TV and found it to be above and beyond what we expected. It has so many amazing programs and we feel like we are learning so much, so fast. It has greatly enhanced my own reading and comprehension of the bible. In particular, I was amazed at how quickly it impacted my 3-year-old daughter. After only having the satellite channels for one week, my daughter improved her prayers enormously. Where as before, she shied away from saying grace or even praying for anything, now she initiates prayer often as well as saying the most beautiful spirit led words for grace before all meals! I would like to thank the Instal-Life team for their wonderful work of faith and encourage any Christian who would like to fast track their growth with the Lord Jesus Christ to make this worth while investment ASAP. I love it when God instigates a situation where all parties benefit from what is being done. Where the Instal-Life team can build a giving based business (to the mission fields) and the customers gain life and light. It's ingenious! Marcel

Mum, You learn a lot about God on God TV, Smile of a Child. I love God TV. I'm really interested in it. It's really good. I love the Knock Knock show. I learn about kindness, honesty, loving, wonderful stuff and everything about God. Christy (6 yrs)

Just wanted to say thanks for the installation of God TV. It was organized for me at Hillsong Conference this year. It is truly tops! I don't think I have bothered with normal TV since (except for the sport of course ) and I wouldn't want my TV any other way (except for the sport of course) It a great resource, I think for every member of the family ... young and old. The learning is endless and it's real! The practical teachings and loads of great ideas delivered to my living room daily are just fantastic. I am really learning many new things everyday. There is always something different on and I have found that all you got to do is flick through the channels and there will always be an exciting and educational program waiting just for you ... Believe me or not, God has even communicated to me directly through the programs I am watching at times ... amazing ! Now I just got to find time for sleep ... So far it's been excellent for discovering better health, spirituality, relationships, finances and just the general wisdom pouring out in both a gospel view and a traditional common sense view is great. It's just awesome to have this kind of TV in the house ... I feel that what you put into life ... you will get out of life ... and this is a great way to have it and the flick of a button There are definitely positive results in my life already and it's only early days. Thanks be to Jesus my Saviour, to the new beginning, and to God TV for taking my faith to new heights for better living.

Hello there.
Just would like to thank you for your prompt service.
May the Lord Jesus Christ bless you for what you are doing to enlarge His Kingdom! 
Your crown awaits you in heaven.
Regards, Memory

Hi Wayne,
My GOD TV was installed yesterday the technician that installed it was very friendly and punctual.
Regards, Brett.

You will not realise how long I have waited for these Christian channels I find them really uplifting and look forward to getting to know when the different programmes are on.
Thanks you so much for your prompt attention.
Catch ya, Joy

Dear Wayne and Anne-Katrin,
We are truly being blessed with the programs on Christina TV and the God channel .Thank you for your prompt installation and the technical support services offered.
I have a friend, who would like to install the system on a rental basis. I believe the half price installation offer is still open.
She will be contacting you shortly.
Thank you and blessings, Naomi

Hi Wayne,
This is just a note to let you know that our Christian satellite TV has already been installed.
It was done yesterday. Thank GOD for HIS provision. Have already been blessed.
The LORD continue to bless you. John

Hi Wayne & Anne-Katrin
Emma and I would like to bless another family by getting GOD TV set-up for them.
They are: XXXX. Can you contact them to arrange details and I will make the payment to you. We would like to do the outright payment for them
Thank you again for making Todd Bentley available in Australia , thank you so much to the Instal-Life people who are being so excellent organising engineers etc to install God TV box etc. My daughter has even given flyers to her youth Pastor at her school, who wants to have God TV etc installed and didn't know how.   
It is also helping her study, be calm and peaceful, Glory to God!! You guys are helping equip, encourage and teach, heal, and bring salvations beyond the rational, thank you again so much,
God Bless you with more of the anointing on you all! Jerry

God Bless you both I think you are both doing an awesome job.......
Keep up God's work and we will support you as much as we can. 
God Bless, Mariza

Thanks for that - We are watching and loving it, your installer was great very helpful. We are happy campers
Bless ya, Diane

Dear Wayne, We are so excited about the revival and having sick people here every night to watch it and be prayed for.
Where would we send money to assist the God channel and bless the revival?
Kindest regards, Graeme.

Dear Wayne and Anne-Katrin, I am so glad that I installed your program when I did, I have really been blessed to watch the Florida revival over the last month and also watched the 60 year celebration live from Jerusalem right here at home, with our own Rueben Morgan and band playing live there, what an incredible few weeks of viewing these world changing events.  Also my granddaughter aged 6 has been enjoying the Smile for a Child channel and it's on 24/7 so there's always something for the kids whenever they come over. Thank you again, I am encouraging all my friends to connect so watch out for more Toowoomba viewers.
God Bless, Susan.

Thank you guys for all your professional help.
You have been very easy to deal with and a perfect delight.
(Very different from the way 'customer service' has gone in today's world.)
Thanks for all your assistance
God bless, Nenia

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