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Free christian satellite TV. 12 free to air channels. free gifts.

The Best Quality, Lowest Installation Price & Biggest Bonuses for Christian Satellite TV.
Be served by the Christian TV people. Don’t miss out on the experience.

Instal-Life is committed to ensure every household can afford to have Christian TV. We know that once you have Christian TV you will wonder how you lived without it.

Christian satellite TV will provide you with 12 free-to-air Christian channels with lots of depth and variety including - faith-filled television, conferences, Bible teaching, kid's shows, teen programs, documentaries, movies and more.

We have a heart to see every home, everywhere, with access to Christian TV because we care about what you watch.
Call Instal-Life today on 1300 LIFE TV (1300 5433 88) in Australia or 0800 LIFE TV (0800 5433 88) in New Zealand.

Experience Instal-Life Christian Satellite TV.

7 reasons to choose Instal-Life.

1. Endorsements
The Only Preferred GOD TV Installer AND Endorsements from 18 Other Key Christian TV Ministries

2. Bonuses
You will Receive FREE Christian DVD’s, Books & CD’s with Every Order of Christian TV (Bonus valued over $670)

3. Offers
There is a Variety of Special Discounts & Plans Available

4. Equipment
Highest Quality Custom Made Set Top Box and Dishes

5. Staff
Local Office Team & Prayer Support with an Australia-wide & New Zealand-wide network of technicians

6. Channels
12 Free to Air Christian Channels including Children & Teen Channels

7. Missions
100% of Instal-Life Profits Support Missions

Installing Christian TV is simple with Instal-Life where we value excellence in all areas of our business. The team at Instal-life trusts that after reading these 7 points of difference that you will have the confidence to choose us to serve you.

Please feel free to call us now on 1300 5433 88 (AUS) or 0800 5433 88 (NZ) to TRY Christian TV and get your bonus pack today.

Instal-Life is GOD TV's preferred national installation company.

Instal-Life is GOD TV's preferred national installation company. GOD TV covers more global conferences than anyone else offering exceptional programming content and variety. Instal-Life is very honoured to work in conjunction with GOD TV here in Australia.

GOD TV - Thomas Robinson - "I am thrilled to recommend Wayne & Anne-Katrin of Instal-Life Australia and New Zealand. They have proven themselves faithful and trustworthy serving the Lord with all their heart. The GOD TV team is happy to endorse this wonderful ministry for your family home." 

If you need prayer or would like to financially support GOD TV, call toll free on 1300 368 311
For equipment and installation call Instal-Life toll free on 1300 LIFE TV (1300 5433 88)

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